Welcome to the City of Okpanam!

 The town called Okpanam is bordered by Asaba and Ugbolu (a vassal of Okpanam) to the East, Igbuzo (Ibusa) and Ogwashi-Uku to the South, Issele Azagba and Azagba Ogwashi to the West and Akwukwu Igbo, Atuma and the River Niger to the North. With a population of nearly 70,000 made up mainly of civil servants and farmers, Okpanam is indisputably the oldest human habitation in the Delta State Capital Territory. This is evidenced by the huge land mass available to her compared with that of her more prosperous neighours such as Asaba and Ibusa. In deed there are still records showing that the Zappa Primary School and Catholic Church by the Water works in Asaba are located on Okpanam ancestral lands. The coming of the State capital to this area has unfortunately given the government an instrument with which to grab more land freely from Okpanam and transfer to others under the guise of development. The other members of the triumvirate making up the State Capital Territory are Ibusa and Asaba. It is my hope that this will not become a source of friction in future.

Although she is the oldest of the the three, modern development is least here than in the others making her the weaker of the three politically. Not withstanding, Okpanam has a very proud history of accomplishments in war, building of political institutions and in their democratic credentials.


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